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Author Toni Verticelli


Toni Verticelli

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Toni Verticelli is a writer, author, getting her AA specializing in Psycology and English and a single mother currently living happily in Florida working on her fourth book. 

Image by: Mario S. Nevado (aka Aegis Strife)

"Chaos Calls"  short excerpt:

Great-great-grandmother Katya tended to lean towards the dramatic in those days, and it’s no wonder with the way she started in this world. She wanted more for herself, more for all of us. She wanted us to have our freedom to be who we were, do what we wanted and to be so strong that no one would be able to put a collar around our necks and bend us do their wills again. She wanted the women in our family to be the equals of men in strength and their superiors with our gifts. Her ambitions would lead to a family tree like no other.

 Her ambitions are also what ultimately led us to this moment of me, Katya Malloy, fifth of that name, to be standing on the back porch outside my favorite watering hole barely able to contain the storm brewing in and around me. I had no clue how I had gotten here or what had released the maelstrom currently surrounding me. Grinding my teeth until my jaw hurt from the pressure and barely able to hold on to the chaos attempting to burst out of me, I was flooded with memories from the terrified, foul-smelling drunk girl on the ground in front of me. 

I had accidentally unleashed bedlam on this back-patio bar because I had let some dumb, drunk girl decided to pick a fight with me for no reason, saying I had checked out some guy she called her man. Because I had done what I was forbidden to do, I had lost control in public.

My face now said fury; my eyes told those around me to run, my mouth shut tight as I continued to ground my teeth against the words I did not understand striving to escape my lips. The drunken girl on the ground, now in a puddle of her own making, terrified as unknown winds tore around us whipping at our hair and screaming in our ears....

But, we’ll come back to that.

1st of October brings a little Halloween poem from yours truly 🧟‍♀️👻💀

The Takers

As the rain comes pouring down, they shiver as they go.

 Their heads are bowed against the wind, the trees sway to and fro.

 The windows are locked; the doors are barred against their frightening glare.

 No one comes to offer help, for all know to beware.

Children clutch their mother's skirts, no one runs and plays.

For when these wraiths come to a town, it's someone's final days.

 Silently one reaches out and lights upon a door.

 And when the morning finally comes, your breath will be no more.

For if you see the Takers come, be sure you've done no wrong.

 And if you have they will appear to take you where you belong.

My interview with "The Thursday Interview" came out today and I could not be happier!

The Thursday Interview: Author, Toni Verticelli

Sad day in music today 01/011/2016 
The loss of David Bowie will be felt for a 
long time. R.I.P. you wonderful man.

Ok guys, a very exciting opportunity is in the works and I'm so jazzed about it! I get to work with some seriously amazing people in some cool locations and the costumes!

 *Happy Dancing* 

The updates will be forthcoming so no worries and we have a spectacular photographer we are hoping to get involved so fingers crossed!

A big thank you and much love to everyone that participated in the  "In Her Dreams" book event! <3

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