Here are my first three eBooks that can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or KOBO. I am currently working on my first Urban Fantasy Fiction and am very excited about it!

Women, What Cosmo Didn't tell You

​A comedic and often times snarky look at strange funny and off the wall things women do and why.

In Her Dreams
A collection of short stories of one woman's fantasies taking on their own life...
A woman finds herself lonely and starts to have fantasies of a dream lover to give her pleasure where real life hasn't. Even her fantasies are average at first but as her dreams come more frequently, she starts to lose her grip on what is real and what is not and dream lover takes control. By the end the fantasy is is reality and she will never want to leave...

Poems of a Lost Heart

​A small collection of personal poetry that came out of me at a very hard time in my life and are very close to my heart.

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