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Born in Daytona Beach, FL  I have moved around so much since that I had acquired the nickname "Gypsy" by the time I was 12 and it's managed to stick to this day.

I am a single mom to one beautiful daughter that is my world and have an amazing, supportive family. I've been a licensed CNA for several years and currently am attending school for my AA specializing in Psychology and English.

I like to paint, read and write about all the unique and unusual ways people act and the possible whys and how’s of their behavior. People fascinate me. I love to people watch, observe and read as much as I can get my hands on and try to instill the same in my favorite person in the world. My beautiful daughter. 

My passions in life are my family and friends, writing and music in that order.

I have written 3 ebooks so far. The first is a collection of poetry, the second is a collection of erotic, dream fantasy short stories and the third is a nonfiction comedic look into why we women do some of the things we do. Currently I am working on an urban fantasy fiction novel and am very excited about it! It's my first delve into urban fantasy fiction genre and I'm really loving it so far, hopefully you guys will too!

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