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Hey guys, exciting news! I officially became a member of the Authors Guild today! You can visit here : Authors Guild Profile, Toni Verticelli to check it out! So proud to be a member!

All the Real Girls
by Author, Toni Verticelli

You see them there in magazines,
t.v. shows and in your dreams
Painted up, yeah… give you a show,
get you up and away you go
Big bright lights, a pretty face
You fool yourself, what a waste
You’re worth more, yeah just believe
Look in a mirror and what do you see?
A big heart and loving soul
Are worth more than diamonds and gold
Look around you, take it from me
Is it really so hard to believe?
Get a nip, get a tuck
Tighten this and lift that up
Paint your face, paint your nails
Tease your hair, it all fails
How did your life get so off track?
Is that a stranger looking back
Look in the mirror and who do you see?
You were original, you were unique
You’re not a doll or something fake
How much more should you have to take?
Tattooed and pierced
Crazy hair
Lots of curves or barely there
Different sizes, big and tall
Tough and lean or short and small
Not what you thought
your mind it whirls
But here we are, the real girls
We are mothers
We are daughters
We work hard and we play harder
We stand for something
One another
Get the real thing or don’t bother

Monday, or as I like to call it "The beginging of the hostage situation". 
Monday can be over now, it doesn't know how to play nice with everyone else. 
Some days you can just tell are not going to be fun, and back to school for an 8yr old after Christmas break is one of them lol

The morbid displeasure of my Public Speeking professor making us write and read our own eulogies (in 3rd person as if we were already dead) cannot be expressed enough! I have one more class with this person and then I DONE with this semester and his class! 

Each day is a new adventure and today is no different. 

More challenges to come and I embrace them all with a new energy and outlook. Stories, pages and new adventures on the horizon!


I feel like an animal that can never be tamed for long
Pacing back and forth, feeling the need clawing at my insides
Sated for moments by a sometimes master, then back again to taunt me
Fiercer, angrier and more ferocious only now the master is gone again
Always trapped by a need that is never fulfilled, only topped off briefly
Days, weeks, months blur in dizzy array as I prowl and wait
Primal instinct saying no not that one, not them either
No, no, no, no, no is all I sense, all I feel in the air tasting emptiness
This cage, these bars of taunt nerves and flinching skin
Itching to beg and plead and getting nothing, nothing but reserve
Held back tender fears and softness, causing dryness like the Sahara
Where has the instinct gone? The madness, the fury, the passion?
The driving need of pheromones and animal instincts, almost gone extinct
The night brings lonely madness, clawing at me again as my spirit calls out
My mind walks the cage again as sleep claims me to my corner
Twitching, dreams of fulfillment calm my itching flesh briefly

Before wakefulness brings on the rage and need as I prowl my cage anew

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